Saturday, June 6, 2009
A calculator as per rules and fitment chart of sixth pay commission (Tamilnadu) is given here under for your use and for your review.Every care has been taken in preparing the calculator ,but even then some error may be there in some cases.I am not Tamilnadu but from Punjab so kindly report an error to my email id guptarajin2002 at the rate yahoo.co.in
The Following calculator will fix your pay on the basis of your old scale and Basic Pay in old scale plus special pay if any as on 01.01.2006.The calculator will show your new pay band plus new pay in pay band and grade pay.Further it will calculate the arrears from 1/2006 to 12/2006 (notional ) and 1/2007 to 5/2009 actual .and there after break up arrears has also been given.A due drawn statement from 01.01.2006 to 31.05.2009 has also been given.Now I will tell you how to use this calculator.Fill three yellow cell in the table given below .all are self explanatory but if any doubt then read the instruction given below.

Instruction 1:A code list against your old scale has been given in yellow column.so select & fill your pay scale code (1-29)

Instruction 2:Fill at which stage(no of step/increment) your basic pay as on 31.12.06 in your present pay scale.suppose your pay scale is 4000-100-6000 and your basic pay as on 01.01.2006 is 4500 then fill "5"(without quotes).if Your month of Increment is January,2006 then fill code after the January Increment in old scale.

Instruction 3:fill your old increment month (1-12)

Instruction 4: fill your special pay amount (if any ) as on 01.01.2006

Instruction 5 :If your Increment date is January 2006 and you want to opt increment in new scale and want to fix your pay on 31.12.2005 then fill "1" with quotes in column five.So now (10.06.2009)in this calculator option to get January increment in new scale has been added.
Warning :please do not fill "1" in fifth cell if your increment month is not due inJanuary 2006 ,otherwise results will be distorted.

Enter Your Three option one by one and after each option wait for updating the data.


    1.This calculator is for employees who have joined before 01.01.2006.But after change in pay fixation of new employee joined after 01.01.2006 as per following link.Now This calculator will work ccorrectly for person who has joined on or after 01.01.2006 but before 31.12.2006.Futher Notional arrears upto 12/06 will be incorrect in these cases also.
    2.This calculator is not for contract or fixed pay employee.
    3. This calculator will show wrong calculation if you have been promoted or ACP has been granted to you in between 1/06 to 5/09.
      Update and error reporting:
      1.Error:Pay scale code 15-24 have error show results of less than one code means if you select 15 than result of 14 shown:reported on 07.06.2009: corrected on 07.06.2009 version is now tn2.1 .
      2. Option for january increment in new scale:error reported 8th JUne....corrected on 10 Th june Now option details can be checked as per Instruction Number -5 .Version now changed to 3.1
      3.Interim Arrear:Interim arrears which is given On the basis of salary of January has been wrongly calculated on the basis on 5/09 pay: Reported on 10.06.2009: corrected on 11.06.2009.Now Interim arrears has been calculated on January 2009 basis.But still i have calculated it on 64 % da which is correct as per example given in Notification but actually all person have received the rrears at 54 % DA.So in my opnion every body has right to claim balance Interi arreras as suggested by Example given in the notification.
      Download complete rules Notified by Tn Govt 2009 in PDF format