Tamilnadu Govt sixth pay commission Press release

Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Major Highlights of the press release by Tamilnadu govt on 29.05.2009 regarding implementation of sixth pay commission On the basis of Central sixth pay commission report has been Given here under

Based on the recommendation of the Sixth Pay Commission, revised pay scales have been implemented by the Central Government for its employees with effect from 1-1-2006. The State Government had constituted
an Official Committee to examine the extension of the same to the state government employees and teachers. On the basis of the recommendations of this committee, appropriate orders are being issued. Due to this, there will an additional recurring expenditure of Rs.5155.79 crores per annum. The revised pay scales will be implemented with effect from 1-1-2006 notionally and with monetary benefit from 1-1-2007. This Government will incur a further expenditure of Rs.11093 crores on account of payment arrears of increased pay. In spite of the declining tax revenues due to the economic slowdown and the increasing financial burden on account of the various welfare schemes for the people, this Government, having regard to the
welfare of employees and teachers has decided to implement the pay revision as recommended by the Official Committee.


1) The existing pay scales will be revised based on the Central Government pay scales on “pay scale to pay scale” basis.
2) Grade Pay for Pay Bands have been modified suitably so as to maintain the local pay relativity.
3) Single pay scale with same Grade Pay has been recommended in the existing pay scale of Rs.8000-13500 for both promotees and direct recruits.
4) In accordance with the orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court a new pay scale of Rs.7000-225-11500 has been created for the post of Ministerial Superintendent so as to place this post one level above that of the Assistant Section Officer in Secretariat and a corresponding revised pay scale of Rs.9300 -34800 with a Grade Pay of Rs.4800/- with effect from 12-12-2007 will be granted.
5) The revised scale of pay and Grade Pay proposed for the Ministerial Superintendent has been extended to the posts of Superintendents in other services and posts interchangeable with these posts such as Deputy Tahsildar, Assistant Commercial Tax Officer, Sub-Registrar etc.
6) The scale of pay of the promotion posts of Superintendent has been elevated and fixed at a new pay scale of Rs.7500-250-12000 which is below the existing pay scale of Rs.8000 – 13500 and a corresponding revised pay scale of Rs.9300 – 34800 with a Grade Pay of Rs.4900 will be granted.
7) Same fitment formula as in Government of India will be adopted.
8) In respect of annual increment the existing position will be maintained.The annual increment will be at the rate of 3% of Pay + Grade Pay as in Government of India.
9) Dearness Allowance will be sanctioned at the same rates and on the same date in the revised Pay Structure as sanctioned by Government of India.
10) The existing slab rates of H.R.A and C.C.A. will be doubled.
11) The existing Special Pay will be continued at the same quantum in the revised Pay Structure.
12) Allowances have been doubled.
13) The existing Special Time scales of pay (Non-standard time scale of pay) have been revised suitably and granted Grade Pay. Due to this, as assured by the Government, 2.5 lakh Noon Meal workers will again get scale revision benefit.
14) House Rent Allowance and City Compensatory Allowance are being granted for the first time to all employees on Special Time Scales of Pay including Noon Meal workers.
15) Consolidated Pay / Fixed Pay / Honorarium has been enhanced ensuring an uniform increase of 25% of the existing emoluments.
16) Selection Grade / Special Grade will be allowed on completion of 10 /20 years of service in the same Pay Band and Grade Pay with an increment at the rate of 3% of Basic Pay (i.e. Pay + Grade Pay ).
17) The existing scheme of sanction of ‘Stagnation Increment’ will be continued in the revised Pay scales.
18) Accepting the long pending request of the Government employees, Pensioners / Family Pensioners, the existing quantum of Medical Allowance has been revised from Rs.50/- to Rs. 100 p.m. for both the employees and Pensioners / Family Pensioners.
19) Medical Re-imbursement will be at the revised rate of 30% of the Basic Pay (Pay + Grade Pay ) as on 01.01.2006 in the revised Pay Structure for those employees who were in service prior to 21.04.1995 and already opted for MRB scheme.
20) Cash Allowance for surrender of residential Office Assistants has been restored and this will be paid at the rate of Rs.500/- p.m. per Office Assistant.
21) Eligibility for Travelling Allowance has been modified suitably keeping in view the existing levels.
22) Daily allowance has been doubled.
23) Pension and Family Pension has been revised on the same pattern adopted by Government of India. However, the minimum of the Pension/Family Pension will be raised from Rs.1913/- to Rs.3050/- per month with reference to the revision of the Pay + Grade Pay in the revised Pay Structure.
24) The ceiling limit of DCRG has been enhanced from Rs.3.5 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs as in Government of India.
25) Commutation has been retained at the existing rate of 1/3rd of Pension.
Revised commutation table will be followed as in Government of India.
26) The Family Pensioners who exercise their option to contribute Rs. 50/- per month from their Family Pension will be included in the Tamil Nadu Pensioners Health Fund Scheme.
27) The existing HRA & CCA and other allowances will be revised and implemented with effect from the date of issue of order (i.e.1-6-2009).
28) Arrears on pay revision after adjustment of interim arrears will be paid in cash in three equal annual instalments in the years 2009-10; 2010-11; and, 2011-12.